More On Skin Care During Pregnancy

Pregnancy SkincareFor some women, pregnancy brings along that soft and beautiful glow to the skin. However, for many women, pregnancy leads to a sudden flair up of acne that they thought they had left back in their teenage years or uneven patches of red or blotchy skin. Because a woman’s body is changing so much and because their body chemistry changes drastically during pregnancy, it can wreck havoc on their skin. Are you one of these women? Even if you do not have problems, you will need to practice proper skincare during your pregnancy.

You already know that you have to be careful of what you consume when you are pregnant. Certain types of fish can be dangerous for you and the baby. Certain medications must be avoided. Caffeine must be limited. You know that what you eat, drink, and consume, can harm the baby. Did you know that things you put on your skin can get into your bloodstream? Because of this, you must be careful of what skincare products you choose to use so that you do not cause harm to that little one growing inside of you.

Here are some tips on proper skin care during your pregnancy. You do not have to avoid all products and just deal with uneven, red, or shiny skin. Instead, you just need to know what products to choose and which to avoid.

Anti Aging Products

Many women start using products to fight against the signs of aging even before they are showing signs of aging. Not all anti aging products are a concern, but many of them include ingredients called retinoids. Retinoids are chemicals that have been proven to reduce lines and wrinkles, even out the skin, and give a younger appearance. However, retinoids, according to some study, can harm the unborn baby.

Doctors know that oral retinoids (these are designed to fight acne from the inside) can cause birth defects. No conclusive study has shown that topical retinoids are dangerous, but given the chance of birth defect, they are definitely worth avoiding just for a little while.

Acne Products

When it comes to treating acne while pregnant, there is a way to do so safely. Of course, it is important to discuss any topical medication with your physician. However, the general rule is that a mild face wash with the minimum amount of salicylic acid will be safe as long as you use the wash and completely rinse your face. Creams and gels that will leave the salicylic acid on the skin and allow it to penetrate the pores can be dangerous and should be avoided.


Of course, you may want to enjoy the outdoors at some point during your pregnancy. That means you will need to use sun block. As a general rule, sunscreen is completely safe for pregnant women. However, if you are concerned about the idea of using anything that could penetrate the skin, then make this simple choice. Choose sunscreen that makes use of zinc oxide as its active ingredient. This ingredient sits on top of the skin and does not penetrate it at all.

Maternity Wear Care for the Skin

Finally, you will need to ensure that you are using the right products to wash your maternity clothes. Laundry detergents are not dangerous and you can use any that you would like. However, if you are like most expectant mothers, you can become rather uncomfortable through the month. When you choose laundry detergent, choose a mild form for sensitive skin. This will allow your maternity clothes to feel more comfortable and will help to avoid any skin irritation.

Taking care of your skin while you are pregnant can be achieved successfully. All that you need to do is know what products to choose and which ones to avoid.

Modern technology and pregnancy

We are lucky in the modern age that pregnancy has been made so much easier due to the breakthroughs in modern technology, however it can all be quite confusing sometimes. So here is a short article about modern healthcare technology and its benefits.

Today health care offers many challenges for the people who need to navigate its many care systems. Modern technology trends have revolutionized the health care services and today latest technology is used to treat every ailments.Technology is a fast evolving field and what may appear, as thinker today, may be history or tomorrow.The advances in the technology and pharmaceutical products have resulted in many innovations in the Health care industry. The future of healthcare seems to be bright as advances are being made in the health care technology. Eventually all the paper-based patient related data would be converted to electronic medical records. The benefits of modern technology in the healthcare industry include less paperwork, higher productivity as well as fewer mistakes in patient record keeping.

Not only medical professionals, but also patients are having the information about the technical advancement in the field of medical. Just as the modern technologies are enhancing our lives, they are also enhancing the lives of the millions of pets that have become members of the families all over the world. The Internet and modern electronics play just as vital a role in the lives of pets as they do in our own, and from raising awareness for lost or stray animals to cutting edge medical technologies used to save animals from euthanasia. Technologies also play vital role in keeping pets healthy and happy for all of their years.

Vaccines have also played an important role in prevention of diseases and technology has allowed the newest vaccines to prevent certain type’s cancers. The manufacturing of legal drugs has allowed the medical profession to prescribe anything from painkillers to mood enhancers to radiation and chemotherapy. There seems to be a medication for almost every ailment these days and it would not be possible without modern day technology.

Best Time to Get Pregnant

When is the best time to get pregnant?

There are four things you have to consider first when it comes to pregnancy planning.

First is your relationship with your partner. The first way to tell that it’s the right time to get pregnant is that you have a strong relationship with your partner. This is because you and your partner will have to make many decisions and compromises as you become pregnant and as your child grows. Only a strong relationship will allows you to make it through these trials and tribulations in the future. If you are not ready to commit to this person for the rest of your life, then you also aren’t ready to bring a child into the world.

Second is your finances. Make sure that you have the disposable income required to handle hospital expenses, to purchase all the items you will need for your baby, and to raise your child.

Third is your personal health. Be sure that your health is stable and that no alterations to current treatments need to be made in order for you to have a safe and healthy pregnancy.

Last is your ovulation. One common method of finding out when you are ovulating is counting days. To do this, figure out when your next period is due. From this date, count back 12 to 16 days. This will give you a range of days when you will probably be ovulating. In normal case, for women with a 28-day cycle, the 14th day is often the best day to get pregnant. To use this method, you must know how long your cycle usually lasts and have relatively regular cycles. Also, women are most likely to get pregnant twelve to twenty-four hours after ovulation because this is when a mature egg cell drops from the ovary to the fallopian tube and is available to be fertilized.

Paying close attention to the changes in your body throughout the month will help you to determine ovulation. The best time to get pregnant is in the two or three days before your temperature hits its high point.  Lower abdominal discomfort is also an indication of ovulation and hence the best time to get pregnant. During your most fertile days, the cervix is soft and fleshy and located higher in the vagina.

If still you are not sure, getting extra help to find out when you are fertile will always work.

Skincare While Pregnant

It is well known that pregnancy often brings out spurts of acne and blackheads in women which can be a little upsetting. Some women try to find a quick cure to this problem by using a variety of harsh skin chemicals to remove the acne. This is, however, not recommended as these products often contain caffeine, alcohol and certain fish extracts which may be harmful to your baby.

What products should I use then?

Many reviews recommend the Exposed Skin Care Treatment as a great product to treat hormone induced acne, with fast acting effects. The Exposed treatment contains an abundance of natural ingredients and will not harm your baby!

A simple clay mask may also do the trick. In my opinion clay masks are the best tool out there for preventing blackheads and acne. They are natural and work great!

Keeping up with your daily skincare routine is probably the most important factor in keeping those blackheads and spots away. If you are healthy from within it will show on the outside!

Two early signs of pregnancy

Yuck. Even the thought of that food makes me want to throw up.
Food aversions and cravings are common early pregnancy symptoms, but many women are surprised by how early these signs appear. When you look at charts of pregnancy symptoms week by week, these symptoms often show up much later in the term. However, challenges with different types of food can begin very early in the first trimester and will sometimes continue on throughout the pregnancy. What you may not expect is that your cravings or aversion could change later on in your pregnancy.

Once you are pregnant, various hormone levels rise, causing many of these early pregnancy symptoms. Fluctuations in hormone levels can sensitize the olfactory system to a variety of smell. This results in the odors causing an aversion to certain foods. The best way to deal with these early pregnancy symptoms is to take your prenatal vitamin on schedule every day to ensure that your body is getting the nutrients it needs throughout your pregnancy. Don’t take it on an empty stomach, though, or your nausea could get worse.  Then try to cater to your aversions and cravings as much as possible while sticking to a healthy diet as much as possible.

Healthy tummy

When did I strain my back?

Low back pains probably won’t make most women think they are pregnant, since early on, weight gain has not begun! Many books that talk about pregnancy symptoms week by week will also list low back pain in the later months of pregnancy as the growing baby begins to put a strain on the mother’s body. However, many women do experience low back pain as one of the early pregnancy symptoms as well. Once again, you can blame hormones for this discomfort as they prepare your joints and ligaments for the delivery of your baby at the end of your term.

There are a lot of changes occurring in the first few months, which can cause many early pregnancy symptoms. Some are well known, like an abdominal cramp in early pregnancy, morning sickness, fatigue and swollen breasts. Early pregnancy symptoms like food aversions and low back pain often occur so early in pregnancy that many women are surprised that they are having them. Of course, if any of these early pregnancy symptoms becomes a source of concern, be sure to discuss it with your doctor.

What to Eat While Pregnant

Eating right during pregnancyFirst, remember that once you hit the second trimester, good nutrition during pregnancy requires that you eat about 300 more calories a day.  Calories provide you with the extra energy that  your body needs to grow your baby.  Now these extra calories should not give you the right to chow down on every food in your line of site.  After all, it is only 300 calories that your are getting.There are about 100 calories in a glass of milk or one banana, and about 200 calories in a slice of whole wheat bread, and ounce of cheese and a half cup of grapes.  See how much more you are eating than if you decide to eat a donut instead.

Remember that you need at least three servings of protein each day.Everyone needs protein, but you need more now that you are eating for two.  Protein is very easy to come by and your options are endless.Try something like 3 glasses of milk, 2 cups of yogurt and 3 ounces of cheese.

In addition, you will need at least four servings of calcium daily. Not only will the calcium help your baby’s bones to grow, it will also protect your own.  Milk is the best way to get your fill of calcium, but you can also get your fill of calcium from cheeses,  yogurt and even ice cream.

Aim for at least three servings of vitamin C. Your body does not store vitamin C so you need a fresh supply of it every day.There are lots of fruits and vegetables that contain vitamin C.  You also want to make sure you get three to four servings of green leafy and  yellow vegetables and fruits.Many of the vegetable and fruits will give you vitamin C too, so that is an added benefit.

Try to eat at least one or two servings of other fruits and vegetable too, as they will supply you with other nutrients and much needed fiber. Eat more apples, bananas or even onions to get those nutrients.You need to get 6 or more servings of grains and legumes daily.In addition to having good amounts of fiber, these foods also are high in vitamins B and E. Try eating brown rice, whole wheat breads and even air popped corn to get  your servings of whole grains and legumes in.

Be sure to get enough iron, as it is one of the most important nutrients for you and your developing baby.Iron demand will be at it’s greatest when you are pregnant, so be sure to get enough in your diet.It is important not to ignore this.Getting enough iron will prevent you from getting anemia.  If you feel that you are not, talk to your doctor and he might be able to prescribe you a iron supplement.

A fit pregnancy gives your baby the best chance for healthy development.  And while it is always a good idea to eat well every day, when you are pregnant it is essential that you eat well every day.